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How One Man’s Life Can Open the World for Others

Let’s support each other as we create happy and sustainable lives.

I was standing at my desk when I learned of a tremendous opportunity—apply for a position as CEO of Cancun, Mexico. The CEO, Cancun Experience Officer, is a position with that offers an individual or team to “live and play” in Mexico for six months. The CEO is responsible for creating video, sharing photos, researching, writing, and experiencing all that Cancun has to offer. The pay is 10k per month and includes housing. After reading about it, in a matter of moments I was assembling an application in my mind!

Interested individuals or teams upload an original video, promote the search, and answer a series of brief questions. I already vlog about my family’s experiences in our transition from life in the United States to Mexico. I quickly identified clips I believe are appropriate to the position. As I gathered materials for the application, I thought about how my other professional endeavors meet the qualifications. As an entrepreneur, I use social media as a tool to engage conversations with people around the world and to market my services and products. In addition, I employ my skills as a writer every single day.

My employment, academic, and entrepreneurial background perfectly fit every component of the job requirements. Before moving to Mexico, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring in the Honors College at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I gained experiences to communicate and collaborate with others. As an entrepreneur, I research, write, consult, and coach. In each of these areas, I use social media as a tool to engage and share with people. As for an essay about my travel experiences, another application requirement, I decided to include them in my weekly column for the Good Men Project.

Why do I travel?

I travel because I enjoy learning and sharing about different cultures around the world. As a father, the opportunity to travel enables me to show my children the places they may learn about in school, on television, or through a book. As a writer, visiting new communities offers a consistent source of inspiration and motivation to create stories. In my work as a content creator and educator, traveling also provides an opportunity to capture video footage and photos to share with others through social media platforms.

What makes traveling a priority?

Travel answers the need to bring stories to life. Our children were the most significant source of motivation for the decision my wife and I made to move to Mexico. We wanted them to speak multiple languages and have an opportunity to experience life outside the United States. As our children learn Spanish and get to know a new culture in a beautiful location, their experiences provide an incredible source of encouragement for my roles as a husband, father, and entrepreneur. Traveling has gone from priority to necessity for my family.

What makes me unique for this position?

I am uniquely suited for the CEO position. I have a travel background that has taken me from Ethiopia to Brazil, England to Cameroon, and Benin to, of course, Mexico, among other remarkable places. I offer a valuable skill set that includes video editing, writing, researching, and other forms of studying and documenting experiences. I possess great enthusiasm for creating inspirational content. In addition, as a teacher of the African-Brazilian martial art Capoeira, I am eager to share this combination of dance, acrobatics, music, and self-defense with organizations in Cancun.

Hiring me as the Cancun Experience Officer guarantees that you will have a professional team member with unmatched dedication and investment in the Cancun community and a commitment to creating an image of the extraordinary experience that is life in Mexico.

When I received the application, I didn’t think at first that I would write about the CEO position in my column. Then, I decided it is essential that other men know about this opportunity. Too often, we believe the only way to provide for ourselves or our families is through employment or entrepreneurial options in our local environments. But there are ways to create sustainable income in other ways—online and through opportunities outside of your home country.

Please take a look at my application and vote for me as CEO of Cancun. If it inspires you to apply as well, please contact me. I will submit a vote on your behalf.

Let’s support each other, any way we can, as we seek to create happy and sustainable lives.