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You Won’t Believe Why Bruno Mars Is Being Sued

by Latina Staff

November 22, 2017

You Won’t Believe Why Bruno Mars Is Being Sued


We all love a good throwback pic on social (did we really wear our hair like that?!), but for Bruno Mars, a nostalgic pic has landed him in hot water.

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The 32-year-old crooner has never been shy about how he got his start as a performer: by being, at the age of four, the youngest Elvis impersonator, performing as part of his family’s musical act in his birthplace of Hawaii. He’s talked about it in interviews, and videos have circulated for years.

So when the “24 Karat Magic” singer posted an adorable pic of himself from back in the those days, captioning it “When you’re too impatient for Throwback Thursday so you fully embrace Way Back Wednesday. #1989” and racking up millions of likes, it seemed harmless.


But not for the photo’s photographer, Catherine McGann, who claims to have the copyright and is allegedly suing the AMA Artist of the Year winner, and his record label, Warner Music, for royalties.

Bruno’s camp hasn’t released a statement yet and the “Versace on the Floor” singer hasn’t removed the photo from his feed so maybe the drama isn’t as, well, dramatic, as it sounds. But, if this suit does have legs it could change the game for all celebs and what they can, and choose, to share on social. We’ll have to wait and see…