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Get Ready to Cry from these #OriginalDreamers Stories Honoring Immigrant Parents’ Sacrifices

by Jenifer Calle

November 14, 2017

Get Ready to Cry from these #OriginalDreamers Stories Honoring Immigrant Parents’ Sacrifices

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From a young age, children of immigrant parents learn the meaning of the word – sacrifice. They often hear the stories of their parents or grandparents who immigrated to the U.S. for a better future for their families.

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In September, the Trump administration announced that it would be ending an Obama-era program, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA allowed nearly 800,000 young people who came to the United States as children to live, work, and study without fear of deportation. DACA was a step forward for children of immigrant parents but now many are left in a legal limbo. Dreamers and activists across the country have taken to the streets to pressure Congress to pass a “clean” Dream Act. A clean Dream Act would ensure that no legal legislation be tied to funding and militarizing stricter border control, which would help Dreamers and also parents of Dreamers from facing deportation.

Many people have also taken to Twitter to share inspiring stories and pictures of their parents, who they consider to be the original dreamers. In 280 characters or less, these #OrginalDreamers stories have recognized the challenges and the sacrifices made by many young parents who came to the U.S. in order for their children to have a better future. The heartbreaking stories of being estranged from family back home, living in a foreign country and not knowing the language, and working several jobs to survive is the reality that many immigrant parents faced.

These stories of strength in the face of adversity are inspiring because they helped pave the way for a younger generation to pursue their dreams such as a higher education. Oftentimes these stories don’t get told enough because of the stigma and the fear of deportation that accompanies undocumented people. Twitter movements such as this help bring to light stories of people who have been left in the shadows. At a time when DACA’s deadline in March is fast approaching it’s important to visit these stories of resilience to show the morality of passing a bill that benefits families who have built their future on the U.S.

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You’d say, “Mijo, it’s okay if they don’t give us papers as long as they give you papers.” It seemed fitting then, but today I understand that my liberation shouldn’t come at the expense of yours. Beyond any relation to me, you are humans with dreams of your own 

 they sacrificed leaving a home,family, everything to give me a better future, because of them I’m an infant toddler teacher, continuing my education to work with children with special needs, Ive been here since I was 3 and I’ll never be ashamed of that 🇲🇽

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 Dad, you left Michoacán at a young age. Thank you for showing me to never feel guilty for ever wanting more.