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‘Jane the Virgin’ Fans Rejoice! The Real Life Version of Jane’s Book ‘Snow Falling’ Is Out Now

If you’ve stuck by Jane Gloriana Villanueva for the past three seasons of Jane the Virgin, you know the lovable character, played by the amazing Gina Rodriguez, just fulfilled her dream by publishing her first book, “Snow Falling.” As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the tome is now available IRL for all of us to read. How cool is that?!

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The story, which closely mirror’s Jane’s life on Virgin, with a couple of key differences, was released on November 14; click here to purchase.


“The whole purpose of this was to give fans that novel that Jane had been discussing in the show, which mirrors her life and her romance with Michael, but translate it into something new,” real author Caridad Piñeiro told The New York Times. “Which is why on the show as in real life, the story told in ‘Snow Falling’ is set in Miami in the early 1900s rather than the present day.”

Although in the book Jane gets pregnant the old fashioned way and her husband Michael (who passed away in the show) lives on to have a happy ending with Jane, much of the storyline should sound familiar to die-hard fans. And we expect nothing less than the same over-the-top hilarity. Seems like the perfect treat to get us through a cold and dreary winter! Will you pick up a copy?

H/T: The New York Times